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Twosday is right around the corner and I want to share some activities that your preschool and kindergarten children will LOVE!

This resource contains four activities:

  • Number 2 craft
  • Number 2 Q-Tip Painting
  • Number 2 fine motor skills sheet
  • HAPPY 2’s DAY Hat/Headband

Number 2 Craft and Hat

The number 2 craft contains all of the pieces needed to make the craft that is pictured. You can choose your own colored paper or print in black and white and have your students color! When they are finished with that, they will LOVE coloring their very own HAPPY 2’s DAY Hat! How excited will they be to wear that home and tell all about this special day!

TWOSDAY Craft and Hat

Twosday Q-Tip Painting

Do your kids love q-tip painting? It’s a great way to practice fine motor skills. They can use the included number 2 with the small circles to paint with any colors they want! Just copy onto colored paper or card stock and it’s ready to go!

TWOSDAY Q-Tip Painting

Glue Dot Fine Motor Practice

The last activity included in this resource can be used a variety of ways. First, students can put dots of glue onto each black dot and then scrunch up small pieces of tissue paper and put them on top. This is great practice for eye-hand coordination!

Another idea is for them to put small stickers or paper reinforcements on each dot. Again, great fine motor practice and eye-hand coordination!

Glue a dot fine motor practice

I’m so excited to see all of the ways our creative teachers celebrate TWOSDAY!

You can get all of the activities seen in this blog post by clicking HERE!

TWOSDAY Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

I hope you and your class have a TERRIFIC TWOSDAY!

Little Ray of Sunshine


If you like Q-Tip Painting and Fine Motor Practice, you will love these worksheets that I’ve created for ALL of the seasons!

Fine Motor activities Preschool Kindergarten
This post may contain affiliate links.

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