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It’s getting close to graduation season so I’ve created a special Graduation Bundle that you can use to make signs, t shirts, face masks and much more! For this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use these designs to make special graduation signs that can be used as photo props or even just graduation decor. Let’s get started!

What you need

Craft supplies

In order to create these special graduation signs, you will need the following supplies:

Step One

After deciding which SVG file you want to use, upload it into your cutting software. Don’t forget to measure your chalkboard sign so that you can shrink or enlarge the design to fit. When you think you have the right size, do a test print on regular copy paper just to make sure. I like to hold it up to my sign sign so that I can see how it will look! If you think that size will work, you’re ready for the next step!

FREE Graduation SVG in Silhouette Studio

Step Two

Next you need to place your white 651 adhesive vinyl onto a cutting mat and load it into your cutting machine so that it can be cut. Once you’ve done that, press that button so it can start cutting! Some people cut their vinyl without a cutting mat, the choice is up to you. My personal preference is to use one for cuts that aren’t bigger than 12X12.

Graduation Sign Vinyl Placement Silhouette

Step Three

After your design is cut, unload it from your cutting machine and weed it. Make sure you get all of the pieces, including those little dots in the letters of “GRAD”!

FREE Graduation SVG completely weeded

Step Four

After weeding, cut a piece of transfer paper that’s just slightly bigger than your design. Peel the transfer paper from it’s backing, (but don’t throw the backing away, it can be reused!) and place the transfer paper on top of your design. Carefully smooth out the paper onto your design and using a vinyl scraper or something similar, gently rub the transfer paper onto your design. Doing this makes sure that your design will stick to the paper when you peel it off. Slowly peel back your transfer paper and you should see your design sticking to it! Great job!

FREE Graduation SVG with transfer tape

Step Five

Now comes the FUN part! Take your design that is now attached to the transfer paper and gently press it onto your chalkboard sign, carefully lining it up and making sure that it is straight. If you like the way it looks, take your vinyl scraper and rub the design onto the sign using a little more force than you did the last time you used your scraper. CARFEFULLY begin peeling your transfer paper off the design. DO NOT PEEL STRAIGHT UP, keep your transfer paper as close to the surface as you can and peel it back. Doing it this way avoids the design being pulled up and remaining stuck to the transfer paper. As you are slowly peeling back, if you notice the design is not releasing in some parts, gently place that part back down and scrape over it a couple of times and try again. That usually does the trick! Keep going until your transfer paper is detached from the design and TA-DAH, you have a brand spanking new graduation sign that you made all by yourself! WOOHOO!!

Graduation Chalkboard Sign from FREE SVG


Now that you’ve made your very own graduation sign, I’d like to show you other ways these designs can be used. Don’t forget, this bundle contains four different designs, so the possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at some!

Graduation shirt

Graduation Shirt

Who doesn’t love a new shirt? This designs looks awesome on white or any of your favorite colors!

Pre K Grad shirt
Graduation Mask

Graduation Mask

In person graduation ceremonies will most likely require a face mask. Perfect for the graduate or the proud family!

Graduation Cup

Graduation Cup

More sign ideas!

Kindergarten Graduate Sign
Kindergarten Grad sign
High School or College Grad sign


One last thing I want to share with you is this awesome chalkboard sign that I bought at Hobby Lobby. The only thing I put on it myself was the letters and numbers. That neat design around the edges was already on it! How cool is that? It’s a little bigger than the other sign I showed you but it could definitely work for pictures or decor!

Kindergarten Graduation Sign made from FREE SVG

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to create your own Graduation Sign! You are most welcome to use these designs for personal and commercial use, but they are not to be resold as any digital file such as those included with the download. Also, before downloading, it would be super duper awesome of you if you could pin the image below!

Graduation Sign PIN

PLEASE do not share this file with others (even though it is free). Instead, direct them here to this website where they can download it themselves. Doing it this way allows me to see how many people like my files which will lead to even MORE FREEBIES!

Download your FREE Grad Sign Bundle HERE!

I can’t wait to see how you bring this design to life! There are so many possibilities…shirts, mugs, hats, signs. Am I forgetting something? Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of all my latest creations! PLUS, if you TAG ME in your posts when you show how you brought this design to life, I’d love to share it with others!

Have fun creating for your special GRADS and Happy Crafting!


This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. Josie House
    March 24, 2021 / 10:57 am

    thank you for sharing.

    • Little Ray of Sunshine
      March 24, 2021 / 9:42 pm

      You are very welcome! Enjoy!

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