Kindness and Creativity Inspiring Readers

Kindness and Creativity Inspiring Readers blog post by Little Ray of Sunshine

There is nothing more that I like about a children’s book than one that is cute, colorful, sends a message and inspires kindness and creativity to its readers. I LOVE inspiring children to be creative.That is why I am so happy that I found author, Diane Alber, whose books do ALL of these things!

If you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher or a parent of young children, you will LOVE Diane’s books. Diane was kind enough to answer some questions for me about her books and where she gets her inspiration. She said, “Every book has a different story, but all of them have been inspired by my kids and our crazy craft adventures and what they are going through at that time.”

Beginning with this post and continuing over the next couple of weeks, I am going to introduce you to Diane’s books and how you can use them with your students and/or your own children.

I’m NOT Just A Scribble encourages Kindness and Creativity

I'm NOT Just A Scribble Book by Diane Alber

I’m NOT Just A Scribble is probably my favorite book of Diane’s simply because it is so relatable to preschool and kindergarten children. Diane said that “Scribble was about being left out”, her son had just started school and “had his first ‘mean kid’ experience.” He was also the inspiration for the main character itself with his scribbling. How neat is that!

I'm NOT Just A Scribble Drawing
A happy, blue scribble!

Anyone who teaches very young children knows that “scribbling” is just the start of not only drawing, but the writing process as well. And while we as educators know this, sometimes parents and, more than likely, children do not. This is where “I’m NOT Just A Scribble” can help. This book can be read to assure parents that scribbling is a normal part of development, and more importantly, to assure children that their work is meaningful and priceless! The book includes a set of stickers that the children can use to make their scribbles “come to life”! This will not only melt your heart as a teacher, but as a parent as well. This is inspiring kindness and creativity at its finest!

I'm NOT Just A Scribble drawing
Pink scribble

National Scribble Day

Diane created National Scribble Day which will take place on March 27, 2019. Your class (or your entire school) can participate! Visit her website to find out how you can participate AND get FREE lesson plans for this fun day! If you need more inspiration, you can go to Instagram and search #imnotjustascribble and see all of the creative scribbles! Be sure to sign up and find out how you can win prizes by participating!

SPLATTER book by Diane Alber

Kindness and Creativity with SPLATTER

The next book that I would like to share with you is SPLATTER. Diane says, “Splatter was inspired by my kids never wanting to work together and learning how to work as a team. We were also learning about primary colors then.” This book is a “colorful, unique story about teamwork and perseverance.” It encourages kindness by working together and creativity by showing what can be done when doing so. Her website has some great ideas to go along with her books such as this one for Splatter Blow Art.

Splatter Art

Straw Splatter Blow Art

There so many ways to create splatter art but using a straw is my favorite. It’s also probably one of the best choices for an indoor project. When completed, let them dry and then they can add “scribble stickers” to make them into splatter characters! You can also use a lettuce washer that will give it more of a spin art look. The stickers will look great on these as well!

Splatter Spin Art


Aren’t they AWESOME? Below you will find the links to purchase them from Amazon. I am NOT an affiliate, I get nothing in return for providing these links. They are being provided simply to make your life easier!

I’m NOT Just A Scribble


Please come back next week when I introduce you to more of Diane Alber’s books that inspire kindness and creativity!


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